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Americans crave leadership at the top

The American people crave leadership which is in such a short supply and so badly needed. We have all come in contact with people that show good and bad leadership qualities. Poor leaders don’t take ownership of problems, they blame others, they give excuses, they pretend that all is well and only tell you what you want to hear. Good leaders build trust by getting involved, taking the lead, showing a vision for others to follow, they unify people, they inspire people, they want the best for all and not just for a select few or favorites. It has been almost four years since this current administration has taken charge of this country. They promised they could fix the problem and all that we have gotten is four years of excuses and blame. The president has rarely even met with his own party over the last year and a half let alone the other party. We have major problems looming on the horizon like the debt ceiling and the Bush tax cuts expiring that have all been shoved off until after the election. All these things that require strong leadership but, there has been a total lack of it. What household do you know of that is successful without a budget? What business do you know of that is successful without a budget? We live in a country that has a government that hasn’t passed a budget for almost four years! Is it any wonder that we have a country that is in financial trouble? Where is the leadership? Where is the reporting of these things? There are only two choices in this upcoming election for leadership. We have seen the leadership of one for the last four years. Is Mitt Romney the answer? I don’t know but, do we really have any other hope for a change of what is going on?

Dave Goos


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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