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VIDEO: Pregnant Minnesota woman kills boyfriend while filming YouTube stunt

Heavy rains have been beneficial to wetlands

Yes, we got a lot of rain in May and June causing damage in many areas but it could have been much worse had we not had an abundance of bogs, swamps and lakes to serve as storage reservoirs.

The lake I have lived on four 40 years here in Crow Wing County is still not as high as it was in 1975 and it could still hold more water. It does not have a stream or river so it is not subject to excessive amounts of water although some docks did get topped.

There is really no need for a no-wake moratorium on such lakes and there is no shoreline erosion. The main damage to shoreline and aquatic vegetation has occurred during the past 10 years when they lake level was extremely low when the adjacent property owners cleared shoreline vegetation, added large sand blankets and a few retaining walls to make their lots look better. This resulted in a loss of fish spawning habitat and water bird nesting sites such as for red-necked grebes and loons. Most of these activities were unregulated/unobserved due to the dissolution of much of the DNR Branch in Brainerd dealing with these activities 10 years ago.

If the lake levels and wetlands remain constant for a few years, it will be beneficial to aquatic growth, bird nesting and fish spawning.

Dennis Hanson


Offended by cartoon

Whomever was responsible for allowing (last) Monday’s so-called political “cartoon” into the newspaper, should be told three things: 1. That “cartoon” was totally offensive, 2. You have a very sick mind, and 3.You’re fired.

Jim Mark


Investigate the war

If Darrel Issa and his cronies want to investigate Fast and Furious and the death of a border patrol, which is a tragedy, that’s alright.

Since Issa likes investigating I would like a real investigation on the war in Iraq with its weapons of mass destruction, mushroom clouds and who knows what.

Four thousand five hundred men lost their lives and I don’t know how many thousands injured in a war we should never have fought.

Let’s get a real investigation on the greed and corruption of the boys on Wall Street that cost all those people to lose homes, pensions, jobs.

Where are some real investigations on those issues? I’m still waiting for Congress to do the right thing and investigate something really, really big.

Lloyd Hallada


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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