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The election

The election

I hear over and over again the phrase that our vote this fall will not be so much a vote for Romney but a vote against Obama. Reading between the lines this says to me that it is a vote for the lesser of two evils. Why is it that we are forced to make this choice? I am going to answer my own question the way I see it.

The two major political parties in this election and for a long time in the past have wrested total control over the process of selecting a candidate. The cost of winning an election and their combined efforts to thwart any other candidates from being a part of this process has taken away our democratic right to choose and left them with total power. That’s step one in their quest. Step two is winning total power of the congress, the presidency and the courts. Make no mistake about it that is their goal. That will also be the day when our democratic form of government ceases to exist.

Having to vote for someone you do not want is evidence of what I am talking about. I challenge Congress to add a line to this falls ballots. Its called “the none of the above line.” Let’s let the truth show through. On second thought forget it. They already know how frustrated we are with them and they don’t care. They know they will probably get reelected because they already control that process.

Mike Holst


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