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Just let them die

I recently received a mailing from the, “Just let them die,” wing, of the pro-death party, trying to enlist my support for repealing the affordable healthcare act. They informed me that Congressman (Chip) Cravack was a leader in this fight. Now congressman Cravack, like myself, has had government provided healthcare most of his life. It is very affordable to him.

This, just let them die, bunch seem to be the same ones who were against Medicare. The same reason I suppose there are just too many Americans. Now when you talk to them they are just like you and I, but they are always a little suspicious of anyone who is a bit different. You know they have a handicap sticker — they look healthy to me — I saw them doing something the other day.

The affordable healthcare act actually will help both Congressman Cravack and myself, as it will have people that normally don’t have health insurance coverage. They usually can’t pay, so the hospital has to raise the rates for everyone to cover those that can’t pay like a store has to markup a little more to cover shoplifting or a gas station to pay for drive offs.

Now I realize that some people can’t get insurance because they aren’t paid enough to afford it. I get a chuckle out people when they say they can’t afford to pay their help a living wage and they have just been telling about their vacation or what a good deal they got on their new SUV. Ya sure, that old grammatical impossibility a double positive being a negative.

There is a lot in the Christian religion teaching us that we are all children of God and we are responsible to look after our brothers.

Nothing good said about greed.

Jesse Nix


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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