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In November vote for freedom fighters

Dred Scott, a black slave, went to the United States Supreme Court to sue for his freedom. What the so called Supreme Court did to Dred Scott, Benedict Arnold did to America. The verdict the court gave, which was just as political as the health care ruling, was Mr. Scott was more a slave, property of his master, than a human being with “inalienable rights!”

I don’t think he’s smiling, though he could, that the court hasn’t learned anything in the years since the highest court in the land came down with his case decision, and again enslaving a people, this time every man, woman and child, legal and illegal, in these United States to the U.S. Government. And Obama is proud of this accomplishment!

In November, vote for freedom fighters, those who fight for freedom, not against it! And keep in mind those that did vote for Obama/Roberts care, it wouldn’t be without Roberts’ vote, he’s got to now be responsible for it also!

We still have November to vote for those to repeal this albatross around our neck! Keep the faith! Our founders did a good job with the Constitution, I pray it will uphold even this assault! Amen!

Know Jesus and know peace, daily! Amen!

Stephen L. Heinecke


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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