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Voter identification

If I was a minority I would be outraged by Obama, Biden, Dayton, Holder and the liberal Democrats who claim voter identification will disenfranchise minority voters! Do they feel the minorities are too dumb or lazy to get legal photo ID in order to vote. That is really talking down on minorities And everyone should be very upset with that thought process!

I have, perhaps, a better idea of working with minorities than most anyone else in Minnesota. I had a plant in north Minneapolis which was about 85 percent blacks and a Washington, D.C. plant that was about 95 percent black. Our company policy was to help the minorities get out of poverty. It was our corporation’s social responsibility — a good one.

Unfortunately, the Washington, D.C. plant went for years always experiencing a substantial loss. Our president said, “Bob, will you take over this plant, among others I had to see if you can get the plant into a profit situation?”

The first two weeks I spent in Washington and discovered many of the problems. The plant workers were intimidated by a few dead beats or crooks, some inside the plant and some outside the plant. In the first month I fired more than had been done in the past decade.

Some of the corporate personnel were upset with my actions but after the first few months the plant started to hum. The first year we turned a modest profit — the first ever. The morale picked up and soon I was proud of the Washington, D.C. plant as any others I had. We managed to upgrade the plant to final product test of memory controllers. Their product shipped directly to our customers in support of our super computers. We added several technician jobs.

A couple years later I took the general manager job of the Computer Technology Development Division at Arden Hills, Minn. In my farewell talk to the Washington plant employees I don’t think there was a dry eye in the plant, including my own. I was so proud of them!

So now you probably understand why I also get outraged by Obama, Biden, Holder, Dayton, and other liberals who claim voter identification will disenfranchise minority votes. All the liberals want is to keep blacks on the plantation so they are easy to round up at election time!

If I were a black I would vote Republican and show the liberal Democrats they can no longer keep me on the plantation!

Robert Olson

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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