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How much is enough?

We continually ask ourselves “How much is enough?” as a nation that we call a republic, we are in a rut and the rut is getting deeper and deeper every year, actually it is monthly. Will we get back to stability? We are one of the most unstable countries in the world, we go to bed after work and the needed shopping we took care of, wake up the next morning, gas prices shot up, food prices are up, why? What possible excuse can the producers give us? Yes we know we are a capitalist society! But why constant excuses for this or that? How much is enough? Please tell us why?

Remember when gas prices were 35-39 cents a gallon? I do, and for many years we could drive all over this country for those prices. I remember the early 70s when prices started rising faster: Exxon Oil started building gas stations in Arizona, and charging customers 20 cents over the other stations. Arizona took them to court for price gouging, won their case and for three weeks Exxon had to pay customers back by lowering their prices 20 cents below the other stations. They still were making millions! How much is enough?

Back to our rut, companies raiser their prices, so our employes give us a raise in pay, then stores and companies raise their prices again and we fight for higher wages. This is our rut, never ending! How much will we be paying to exist 5 or 10 years from now? Will we do something about this system, or will we end up like Iceland (destroyed) or Greece, Spain or Portugal? How much is enough?

Marv Begin

Fort Ripley

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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