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Government is the problem

Government is not the solution to our problems.

Government is the problem!

Why do we have to continually listen to the left talk about the rich paying more taxes? Let’s get realistic people. None of us would mind paying our fair share if (and that is a big IF) we knew that the federal government was going to manage the money without wasting it. We know that is not going to happen with the people that are now in office(and I am talking about both parties).

>> They continually waste the money with bloated budgets, duplicate services and involvement in programs that shouldn’t even be at the the federal level.

>> If it is truly important, it should be managed at the local level where there is more accountability. You’ve been drinking the kool aid if you think that any extra money would be used to bring down the debt. Their appetite is insatiable and they will never have enough money to satisfy their needs.

>> We, the people, need to vote everyone out that can’t balance the budget and make tough decisions on what is really necessary. We cannot sustain this spiral into deep debt and no amount of extra money from some rich guy is going to fix it if they don’t change this mindset that the government has to do all and be all.

Peggy Tautges

Fort Ripley

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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