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This will be the aftermath of the Colorado shootings we will not see. Lawyers are already filing lawsuits against the theater for providing the building for this to happen in. This in turn will cause laws, making other theaters have more protection in place for patrons, hence more expense, hence higher ticket prices and more inconvenience for customers. The investigation, which has already included agency’s from all over the United States, in an effort to build a case against a man who was witnessed shooting people by a theater full of people and admits he did it, will cost mega bucks. As usual he will have a high priced public defender.


The federal government spent something north of twelve million bucks to prosecute Timothy McVeigh another self-professed killer who bombed the federal building. They then put him to death and learned very little about preventing it from happening again except to make every government building a fortress. This will happen here also.

Who wins and who loses? Obviously the victims lose, the business and the government lose. Who wins? The Lawyers. What changes, nothing except more laws and more people growing up with twisted demented minds.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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