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I was drawn to comments I heard the other day about things not being right or wrong in the minds of some people but instead they reside in some neutral territory. We all have a few things in this category. Were not for them, but we have no problem if others want them, so we have this indifference and sometimes that’s all right — but there are times it isn’t.

There are people in our society that see this as an effort to find common ground and they see themselves as peacemakers and pacifiers. It hurts peoples’ feelings when you tell someone they shouldn’t be doing that, so let’s just all agree to disagree and get on with it.

Increasingly, however, we are being asked to change the way we think on issues that were sacred to our families for generations. What we’re being told is in effect, that we were wrong all of the time and the brighter smarter minds of today’s society have found the key to social harmony and a world filled with love and compassion. Well, look around you my friends and tell me that this is a better world than the one I grew up in over the last 70 years.

No matter how you look at it some things are just wrong, no matter how you color them. We have challenged the moral authority that many peoples’ faith was built on. We have rewritten the laws of decency that this nation was founded on and all in an effort to just make everyone happy. What they are telling us is they weren’t really laws at all we so fervently believed in, but just advice. Well, enjoy your new-found freedoms and 70 years from now we will see if you made this a better world.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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