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KLKS is gone

I guess in a few days KLKS will be off the air waves. I can’t imagine life in the Lakes Country without KLKS playing on the radio. For years my husband and I would drive up north from the cities and at Rice we could finally get KLKS and feel our blood pressure come down a notch as we listened to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. Hearing KLKS meant our weekend had started and we were in friendly country.

Once we moved up here permanently, we relied on KLKS for its great blend of news, weather and music. With unbiased journalism seemingly on the verge of extinction, it was refreshing when John would ask questions of our government representatives that most of us wanted to ask ourselves. With regular reports from the DNR and sheriff’s office, I always believed KLKS was good for the community.

On Sunday mornings I knew I would hear Carol Lee “Making Breakfast for the One I Love.” On Monday noons it was lunchbox John with his brown lettuce and oatmeal cookies. And on Sundays, when the tourists turned back south toward home, the cloudy skies would clear and KLKS would play an instrumental version of “Nights in White Satin.”

Where can we now turn to hear “Stranger on the Shore” and a folksy mix of news, weather, and interviews. This wonderful backdrop, the punctuation to life in the Northwoods, is unfortunately, in the words of Paul Simon, “Slip Slidin’ Away.”

Like Kohl’s replacing Paul Bunyan Land, or the development of yet another infinite car lot in Baxter where majestic trees once stood, this feels like the end of an era—an era I am really going to miss.

Mary Miller

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Where the radio was always tuned to KLKS

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