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What's your plan?

I suggest that voters do know the critical part that government plays in our lives and we don’t have to be reminded. What some voters want is some politician who will tell the truth about the debt and spending.

Paul Ryan had the backbone to inform people that at the current rate there is no long term solution for medicare to survive. The plan passed the House but, then went no where.

Why not? Politicians and partisan voters are too chicken to tell voters the truth.

The Ryan plan went nowhere in the Senate as the Democrat budget is? It is nothing but keep spending — no budget in three years. They have no plan to fix medicare, social security, medicaid, no plan to work on the debt.

We have been listening for 30-40 years to the same scare tactics that the Republicans are going to take away Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education funding and all these programs are still going on . I think people can remember hearing the same scare tactics and are catching on.

Why do politicians and partisans want to give the debt to future generations?

Why do they want people 55 and under and their employers to pay into Medicare when there is no long term future? We need more then a short term fix just to get the politicians to the next election. Why not listen to the one man who in recent history has actually put forth a plan? Why not listen?

Gwen Kienholz


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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