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Paul Ryan's backbone?

Paul Ryan’s backbone?

Must be made of silly putty. This Paul Ryan who now rails against government spending and has such a bold plan to put the country back on the track of prosperity.

Is this the same Paul Ryan that voted for stimulus packages in the past before it was a Democratic president’s proposal? The same Paul Ryan that voted for funding two wars, tax cuts, TARP, and the Medicare prescription drug plan. All without any cuts in spending or increases in revenue to pay for. The same Paul Ryan who publicly indicated and lied that he never sought any stimulus funds, but indeed did on more than one occasion request such funds, while stating in his requests that the funds would create or save 7,600 jobs. The same Paul Ryan whose bold budget plan doesn’t begin to balance the budget for 20 plus years while giving even more tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and cutting programs that help Americans in need. Under his plan Mitt Romney would have paid less than 1 percent in federal taxes in 2010. Oh, I understand that good old Mitt would create hundreds of jobs with that extra money and that his poor children would be much better off with the elimination of the estate tax. Is this the same Paul Ryan that publicly stated that his budget plan followed his Christian religious teachings and beliefs? But was then reminded by an organization of bishops and nuns that Catholic teachings and doctrine do not follow such a path.

I guess many think of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney as fiscal conservatives with bold plans. Personally I believe their plans would be devastating for our country.

Dan Doshan


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