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Ignorant leaders

Ignorant leaders

Romney and his tax returns versus the ignorance of our legislators (both parties).

I have been forwarding a tax return to the IRS for all of 60 years, but I have never saved any return beyond five years.

I have been audited twice and the IRS verified that they only required the prior five years to be available. My accountant told me not to save any returns over five years old.

Therefore, I absolutely cannot understand the Democrats asking for 10 years and some even suggesting 20 years.

Even more disappointing is the fact that Romney and his staff have not made a point of this.

One last thought — if the Democrats want to set a standard that one specific candidate for office must supply a specific number of his tax returns — then it should apply to all candidates.

Can’t you just see the rush of all the “finger pointers” for a safe haven.

Frankly, there are a lot more serious issues than this. But it appears that this is being used to avoid discussing ways to get out of the dismal performance of the Obama administration.

Just for openers — let us see if we can get a specific listing of how and where some $8,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillions) of “stimulus money” was spent and show us where there is any evidence of improvement in jobs, the economy, the infrastructure, etc. Let’s leave out the development of “green energy” almost all of which are heavily subsidized and raise the price of any product to which they are connected.

Seems like “tax returns” are very much a side issue.

This is what has been on my mind.

Bill Brauer

Pequot Lakes

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