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Not in my backyard

Not in my backyard

It wasn’t hard to recognize that those writing in Mondays “Opinion” section of the paper regarding the Greater Lakes Association of Realtors were most likely Realtors.

Of course they don’t want the mortgage interest deduction taken away. It removes from them one of their sales pitches.

Fine! Then as I always told my employees, ”give me a good alternative.” Our deficit in the U.S. can’t continue. We all need to feel the pain.

Please don’t complain about an idea without offering an alternative to solve the problem.

Craig Anderson


Broken promises from a broken president

After his inauguration three-plus years ago, Obama made several promises to the American people and has managed to break all those promises:

• to put all bills on the White House website for five days before signing them;

• to broadcast live on C-Span all health care negotiations;

• to end all earmarks;

• to keep unemployment under 8 percent;

• to close Guantanamo in his first year;

• to not hire lobbyists into White House jobs;

• to end no-compete contracts with the U.S. government; and

• to disclose names of all attendees at White House meetings.

Yet Obama has succeeded in several areas: largest budget ever, largest deficit ever, largest number of agenda-setting failures ever, most self-serving speeches ever, fastest dive in popularity ever, and most golf rounds by a sitting president ever.

What an enviable track record.

Art Becker


Spoiled brat generation

I read articles and listen with disgust as I hear the spoiled brat generation complain about the economy and how they just can’t find anything in “their field.”

At this time, I open the want ads in numerous newspapers across the Midwest and see truck driving jobs, nursing jobs, mechanics jobs, farm jobs and service jobs covering the pages.

Our parents and grandparents went to work “in a field” to make a living and put potatoes on the plate. They participated in their government — realizing that in this country — we are the government.

Furthermore, for the short memories of those Republicans, prior to this president’s term, I watched on national TV as Hank Paulson (conservative Secretary of Treasury) and George Bush begged for the bailouts to avoid a depression (McCain stood right there with them). My vote goes to Obama.

Those spoiled brats couldn’t survive a depression.

Joel C. Peterson

Rural Brainerd

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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