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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Government growth

Government growth

In 1950 U.S. Government jobs broke down as GS11-15 approximately 160,000 and GS 1-5 was approximately 900,000. In 2003 GS11-15 was approximately 775,000 and GS 1-5 was 230,000 employees. In the last decade private sector jobs have grown by 1 percent and U.S. Government jobs have increased by 15 percent. In 2009 the average private sector wage and benefit package was around $61,000 and the government package was around $123,000.

It is important to realize government is its own special interest group.

Now, if you’re interested in history look up Solon a Greek who established a set of laws that the Roman Empire adopted establishing a republic, which eventually became a democracy and finally an Oligarchy and then their demise. Then look up the history of Argentina and how they like us were probably the second most powerful nation on earth next to Great Britain in the early 20th century and where are they at now? Now look at Greece and what is going on there right now. I, like many Tea Partiers/conservatives, am not opposed to government we just believe that the proper amount of government makes everyone freer and will maintain our republic.

God Bless America!

Gregg Struss


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