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Wrong is wrong


I read this article the other day about a prestigious college out east that caught a bunch students cheating on their exams and they now say they are being forced to establish some kind of official published moral code. Apparently they can’t punish people for cheating, unless somewhere there is an official piece of paper that says, cheating is not allowed. That somehow in these students upbringing, plagiarizing or stealing was never discussed. Some of them went so far as to say they knew students who had cheated and got away with it, so they thought is was allowed.

That’s the trouble with making rules in this country. They need to be written so that everyone, regardless of their ability, can understand them and then they need to be written so somebody’s Philadelphia lawyer can’t find a way around them. Yes there are lots of people out there who make a living trying to shed the laws that were made to keep our property and us safe.

Let me give you an example. I used to work for a metro park department. At the main gate to each park was a sign that said “NO MOTER VEHICLES ON PARK PROPERTY.” A party was tagged for driving in the park and he got off free because he proved that the tractors that mowed the park had motors. At great expense to the city, the signs had to be changed to allow for city maintenance vehicles.

That’s the world we live in folks. A world where people will go to great lengths and expense to make others miserable and no one is going to tell them what they can an cannot do and their lawyers are only to happy to accommodate them.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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