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Moral high ground

Moral high ground

It’s becoming clear which party takes the moral high road and the majority of Americans are smart enough to see it. Obama now has the highest approval rating of 52 percent since getting Bin Laden because people see through the fear and smear campaign heavily funded by big oil and the far right.

Most understand that negativity, propaganda, and blaming get us nowhere. Conversely, action on important issues is winning the day for Obama. Saving GM and 2 million auto jobs was brilliant. Lowering taxes for the middle class is helping all of us tremendously. Growing the economy moderately for three straight years has lead to extremely high corporate profits and doubling of the stock market thereby increasing our retirement plans significantly. Job creation is steady and stronger than most countries affected by the Bush era global recession. The end of the expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan facilitate paying back the debt the wars have piled up.

Voters will remember these things in the voting booth. It’s much easier to trust a man who has shown he cares for the struggling middle class, can handle the really tough things that come up, and is highly admired by the rest of the world as a true, intelligent, and peace-loving leader.

It’s great to hear Obama quote the Bible and bless our nation in eloquent speeches, but Obama’s biggest success story is in lowering energy costs. Cars now get twice the mileage thanks to EPA regulations increasing MPG. Efficiency improvements like this and doubling clean energy production have created American jobs and brought the nations carbon footprint back to 1990 levels. Replacing old oil CEO’s in the DOE and EPA with our best science professors helped us reduce foreign oil and climate change. God bless our president.

Neal Lesmeister


Ryan’s plan is biblical

I was reading my Bible the other night while I was listening to a discussion of Congressman Ryan’s budget and I found that it was biblical, Luke 16:19-50. It is much the same as what President Hoover used to go from one of the best economies that the country ever enjoyed to the Great Depression. He was a great fan of free market capitalism, it made him extremely rich however it is a theory, not a law, and has anomalies that crop up and destroy everything that it created, it is sort of like a poker game the one who cheats the best wins until someone else figures out what is going on and introduces a new component or a weapon and changes the dynamic.

A few years ago when unemployment was reaching near 5 percent the country which was considered at that time full employment and it was very inflationary conservatives were wringing their hands and calling for the brakes to be put on. They liked 8 percent unemployment that kept wages down and protected capital. Then President Clinton came along and his policies brought unemployment down in the 3 percent range without runaway inflation. Now it is accepted as normal however conservatives still blocked nearly everything that was proposed to increase employment for the last three years even though the stock market has rebounded nearly to the bubble levels that it was at when the fall started in 2007, I don’t think that it is an accident any more than I think that the group that the Koch Brothers sponsor as Americans for prosperity have any real average people putting up money or appearing in them.

Jesse Nix


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