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Remembering 9-11

Remembering 9/11

It’s September 11th and to borrow from Franklin Roosevelt, it’s our day that will live in infamy. We all remember where we were and what we were doing. As a former firefighter it is especially poignant to me. But as emotional as the day is and as dedicated as I am to never forget all of the victims, there is a tragedy unfolding in our government that will dwarf this sacred day.

For you see the day the towers fell will mean little, when the day comes that our government falls and if we stay the course it will happen. It is inevitable. There is however one big difference in the two events I talk about. One is an anniversary and the other hasn’t happened-- yet. One is over and done and history will tell us some day if we ever extracted our pound of flesh in retaliation. The other could and can be prevented, but no one is willing to do what it would take to prevent it. Outsiders did one and we will do the other.

Ah yes, we are an optimistic people and we feel that no matter how bad things may get, we can reverse the course, because we have done this before and right now we are suffering enough so we need to postpone this punishment and just enjoy the moment for now because---well no one has the guts to start the politically unpopular process anyway. We don’t like to be told what to do by anyone but when that time comes that we are forced to do it—well then maybe we will.

There is no proper analogy I could use to wake us up to the danger we face. But it’s a little like giving your kids an infectious disease to build immunity instead of the vaccine to prevent it. We have been in a crisis mode before and somehow averted it. Maybe postponed it is a better word. But make no mistake about it the bridges are burning and take the word of an old firefighter, they only burn for so long before they collapse.

Congress and our elected leaders need to think about one thing. We want Sept. 11th to always be our day of infamy. I don’t want anything to come along that will overshadow it and take its place. In the context of an entire lifetime my days are short. But congress man and women visit an elementary school and look into the eyes of the innocents who trusted you to take care of this country and make wise decisions and leave them something to build on and then realize how bad you have failed them. I have listened to your campaign speeches. They are long on promises but short on answers. Forget the promises and talk about what needs to be done to get back on track in this nation and how you are going to do it. The answers are out there you just need to pay attention.

Mike Holst


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