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Response to letter

I would like to respond to the letter from Gregg Struss with the heading ‘Government size.’ If Gregg had retired from the private sector I could have better understood his concern. However, Gregg retired with plus 30 years from the Army Corps of Engineers, a public sector job. I know because we were both working for the Corps prior to my retirement and his. I have been told that presently he is working at another public sector job in the area. Gregg’s wife, a well-respected teacher, also has a public sector job. If he had kept his health insurance the federal government would still be paying a percentage of his health insurance. I do not know what his choice was on this issue.

I am not sure that comparing the Roman empire and early 20th century Argentina’s political and economic history is realistic in 2012.

Now, I do not have any idea what “proper amount of government’ would be necessary to satisfy him. I am interested in specifics and truly wish our newspaper would have a ‘fact check’ available so all of those individuals, columnists, politicians and super pacs, who so easily throw stats about, would be required to identify their source of information.

So, Gregg, enjoy and be grateful for your very good federal government monthly retirement check. You have been feeding at the public trough for many yeas so you deserve it.

Al Kraft

Crow Wing Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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