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Traditional marriage

In the past week the signs that I have placed concerning the marriage amendment have been torn down six times. I wondered if I was the only target and so I drove around to see if others may have had similar problems. I don’t know if they had events, but perhaps that was because not another church or even residence had any sign indicating where they may stand on this issue.

You can sense my opinion on this issue and my sense of being alone. I am concerned about this apparent lack of interest as the ancient sanctity of marriage is threatened. Are we going to remain silent? Are we going support this denigration of what marriage has always meant in our society? I cannot see any good coming from this demand for change in the institution of marriage dating back thousands of years. Our lack of concern will plague us many generations under the guise of rights. How can we so easily discard the basis of our union of a man and a woman into obscurity as if it has meant nothing to the welfare of society?

Make no mistake, I have great sympathy for those who have a different persuasion, but I also have sympathy for mothers and fathers who kill their children, those who live under tyrants etc.

There are other ways to remedy the problems that may need a solution, but this is not the way to accomplish this.

My only consolation is that somewhere among my brothers and sisters in ministry that I am not the only voice that speaks on behalf of the continuing sanctity of marriage and family.

Bruce Engen

Pine River

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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