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Flying First Class

Flying First Class

It’s all about how you travel and with whom you get to be seated. We all understand class…first class, second class, third class…or having class…or no class.

Mitt Romney’s recent remarks, when he was among his first class friends, give us some insight into his class-consciousness. His distain for the 47 percent is pure aristocratic dogma and their distain for the ‘little people”…so far below him and his kind and so incapable of rational thought or understanding.

And, although those in his class have had their taxes reduced by about 60 percent since the 1950s, he pretty much rejects that value of anyone who does not pay taxes, certainly including those who are retired, are disabled, unemployed or bankrupt because of overwhelming medical expenses…this is not to mention his own mysterious taxes and some large Corporations paying no tax at all.

His arrogance and lack of human compassion is quite unbelievable for someone who thinks he is qualified to lead a democracy. Not even the unlimited corporate funding machine should be able to spin this into a positive trait.

Meanwhile we have other class related issues. Not only has class warfare been carried on by the 1 percent for years to redistribute the wealth and power to themselves…they have succeeded in blazing fashion… but they even have the temerity to label any attempt to stop their progress as “class warfare.” It is not the content of your character, but the content of your wallet that determines your worth in their version of these United States.

Now they are even attempting to reclassify citizenship to take away the right to vote from those who do not meet their standards.

Oh, come on folks, we can do better than that.

Bob Passi


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