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Politically correct

Politically correct

I can remember when being rich was not a dirty thing, when a self-made man was to be respected. When parents would tell their children that if they would apply themselves they could, also, be successful. People like Henry Ford, the Vanderbilts and Bill Gates were to be looked up to and people would tell their children that they should aspire to be like them, but this kind of success does not bode well with the kind of socialism that the Obama administration aspires to.

In a socialistic society there is no room for this disparage in wealth.

Our young and vulnerable are being fed a steady diet of liberal thinking from day one of pre-school through the last day of post-graduate studies in college. They are being taught to do the politically correct thing and vote for the politically correct candidates and you can see where that gets us.

The old and gullible, the ones who should know better, are being taught that the wealthy are somehow greedy and self-centered. If they own a business and hire people to work for them, and by doing this show a profit, that these business owners are parasites and are living off the labor of others. There is something dirty or unhealthy about a person that can accumulate that kind of wealth, that the owner must have done something illegal to get that much, they say. That they have no right to the things that they worked long and hard for, and if they would share with these same old and greedy people we could all live a long and happy life.

If you think this is an un-American way of thinking, just wait and see what it looks like if Obama gets in again.

Clyde DeBolt


Get out of Afghanistan

It was announced Sept. 17, by the United States, that they would no longer perform joint operations with Afghan troops. The reason is our supposed allies are killing more of our people than the enemy.

There is a proposal, right now before Congress, that drastically reduces defense spending in the future. If the war in Afghanistan is any example of the way the military spends our money then I would say cut away.

Ten years they have been at it with a well-equipped army and this rag-tag band of terrorists seems to be as strong as ever and now the very people we came to help are killing our troops. It’s time to lick our wounds, collect our weapons and come home and leave those people alone.

All of our interference in the Middle East has done nothing but turn it into a tinderbox ready to explode at any time. We got chased out of Iraq, where we


er belonged in the first place, and we’re getting beat in Afghanistan.

Swallow your pride America, and do what’s right for this country for a change.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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