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U.S. needs a businessman

I just finished reading the article by Kathleen Parker calling Mitt Romney a cyborg. I think she’s being a little disingenuous, and I usually enjoy reading what she has to say.

First of all, when he spoke about the 47 percent, he was talking to a group of prospective contributors to his campaign. What he meant was that he didn’t care about trying to get their vote. I wouldn’t either. They’re already in President Obama’s pocket. It’s unfortuanate he didn’t claify further, but, oh well.

I’ll ask the reader’s if they are better of now than they were four years ago (OK, I stole that from Reagan). But before you vote, I urge you to see the documentary “2016.” Bertter yet, read “Dreams From My Father.”

To answer Parker’s assertion, yes, I would like our president to be kind, but not necessarily paternal. I already had a father.

Romney is not a good campaigner, and Obama is. However, if we want a rock star who can sing, dance, and hob knowb with stars, well, we alredy have that. It hasn’t created job one.

Right now, I want a businessman as president. I yearn for a Ward Cleaver personality (youngsters, ask you parents or grandparents who that is).

Hazel Kaspari


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