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Four more Obama years

Obama has 10 percent lead in Ohio poll.

With the new Columbus Dispatch poll showing Obama with a 10 percent lead in key swing state Ohio, Republicans are looking to the debates as a last chance to right the ship. But there are 800,000 Ohio jobs tied to the auto industry, and 65 percent of Ohioans now say that Obama’s GM and Chrysler bailouts were a good idea.

Across the U.S. there is an awareness that Obama assumed office during one of the most challenging times in the country’s history. His efforts rescued the banking, financial, and industrial economy from the brink of disaster. He is winding down a war, weakening al-Qaeda, and our military brought down Osama bin Laden. Over a million jobs have been created since his stimulus plan took effect in mid-2009. And we have a health plan which promises to put nearly all Americans on health insurance.

Governor Romney left office in Massachusetts in 2006 with a 34 percent approval rating. We know of at least 47 percent of Americans who are not likely to voice approval for him in November. We’ll take four more years with the leader we know and trust.

Rolf Westgard

St Paul

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