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Chavez a hero

Chavez a hero

In response to Keith Hansen’s column “Obama receives endorsement from Hugo Chavez,” he left out some important facts.

In 2006 Chavez offered to sell oil to the United States at a greatly reduced price. (According to the U.S. Departmengt of Energy, Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia.) This was back when the price of oil was skyrocketing, but President Bush said no and continued to pay the high prices to the Saudi’s.

It is no secret that President Bush was indebted to the U.S. oil industry.

In spite of this, Chavez did deliver cheap oil to the Bronx and other poor communities in the United States and Europe when it was needed.

When Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Hugo Chavez again offered to send help to the people of New Orleans and surrounding areas. President Bush said no, we don’t need your help.

Chavez has been elected by the people of Venezuela and he has reached out a hand in friendship to our presidents and our people. President Obama was the first U.S. President to accept his hand in friendship, so Chavez said “if I could vote in the U.S.A., I would vote for Obama.” Makes sense to me!

Mr. Hansen claims that “Hugo Chavez has never been one to hold back.” It may be so, but I wish the GOP and their followers would hold back and stop grasping for straws everywhere they turn, because they do not have anything of substance to write about.

Tell me something really important to make our country a better place. I really don’t care who Chavez would vote for in the big scheme of things. But I am proud that President Obama was neighborly to him.

Sara Dunlap


Fair tax is fair

We all face tough choices in life, but choosing between the income tax and the FairTax is easy.

How would you like to get your entire paycheck, for an immediate 15 percent raise, maybe more?

How would you like to never have to file another 1040 for the rest of your life?

How would you like to see a number for the cost of running the federal government on every cash register receipt?

How would you like to see trillions of dollars returned to the U.S. from Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, etc. to jump start the economy and restore “Made in America”?

How would you like to see all the new jobs that would come from expanding the GDP by 10 percent?

How would you like to take control from DC and eliminate tax favors for the special few who can afford to play the lobby game?

How would you like an automatic check the first of every month to “pay ahead” that month’s taxes on food, housing and medical costs? Cost? About $564 for a family of four.

How would you like to see the IRS shuttered forever?

The fair tax is not a tough choice; in fact it’s a “no brainer”.

David Boone


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