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No voter I.D.

The premise behind the proposed voter I.D. amendment it that a voter identification is necessary to secure election integrity. This is a false premise. Voter fraud in Minnesota is virtually nonexistent.

I have been trained and served as a federal election judge numerous times, and not once have I experienced anyone trying to vote in an illegal manner — nor do I know of any other judge who has experienced voter fraud.

The secretary of state’s office can verify that voter fraud is not, and never has been, an issue for Minnesota.

The false premise that fraud is an issue in our state is clearly political and not based on concern for voter integrity.

There are many additional reasons to vote no: Voter I.D. will disenfranchise voters and reduce turnout, especially among the elderly, college students, and military members overseas. Passage would dismantle our entire election system as we know it and will cost the taxpayer millions of dollars by adding another layer of bureaucracy (i.e. provisional balloting) to state and local governments. The Minnesota proposal would be the most radical change to elections via constitutional amendment in the nation. No other state has implemented legislation affecting all voters without exception. We will be writing technology into our constitution that will be obsolete in a few years, leaving no room for the modernization of elections.

Voting is a right, not a privilege. Requiring voter I.D. restricts the electorate at a time when citizen involvement and voter turn-out are more important than ever. A voter I.D. amendment is a step backward for Minnesota — a state that often has the highest voter participation in the country.

Please vote no on the voter I.D. amendment!

Kathy Hegstrom


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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