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Voting no

Voting no

There are anecdotal examples for and against the voter I.D. amendment. There are stories of people posing as Tim Tebow to vote in Minnesota. There are stories of nursing home residents being unable to get an I.D. to vote simply because they cannot get to a place to get an I.D.

These may or may not be true.

The important thing is that the voter I.D. amendment may, in some way, prevent a legitimate citizen from voting.

There are reasons for and against the same sex marriage amendment. We’ve heard the arguments that gay marriage will destroy the institution of a man/woman marriage. We’ve heard that those who wish to commit to one another should have marriage available to them as they wish.

These may or may not be true. The important thing is that the marriage amendment may in some way prevent a group of citizens being treated differently in the eyes of the law, which is against the precepts of our constitution and our social traditions.

I will be voting no on the two proposed amendments, and for the same reason.

Both amendments have specific reasons for and against them, perhaps legitimate, perhaps not, but both amendments also have the potential of limiting the rights of citizens and how we treat them.

Our constitution was not meant to be used in such a fashion.

Charles Johnson


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