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Vote No

When morning dawns on Nov. 7 there will be many reactions to the election results. There will be excitement if your candidate won, disappointment if your candidate lost. There will be those who are satisfied with the results and those who are disappointed with them.

But when it comes to the anti-marriage amendment, the impact on one side will be significantly different than the impact on the other side. If the anti-marriage amendment fails to pass, those supporting it will be disappointed, but they will get up the next day and go on about their lives. They will go to work, enjoy their families, and know that they can continue to enjoy the right to marry the person they love.

There is only one group who could be immediately and personally hurt, only one group for which each individual’s life could be personally affected. If the anti-marriage amendment passes, same sex couples will get up and go to work, but they will know that they have been permanently banned from marrying the person they love. They will wake up and know that their fellow Minnesotans have judged them, and have chosen to restrict their freedom and their happiness.

If this amendment passes, it will tell those gay kids struggling with their sense of self-worth that they really don’t count, they really are second-class citizens. Gay individuals and same sex couples will be personally and permanently hurt by this amendment.

Do not allow this hurtful amendment to pass. Vote no on the anti-marriage amendment and leave our constitution as it is.

Barb McColgan


Editor’s note: This letter appeared in the Oct. 9 issue of the Dispatch. However, in continuing the letter on Page 7A, a portion of it was omitted. I regret the error.

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