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Vote no, twice

Vote no twice

Let’s vote no twice to keep Minnesota nice!

The two proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot are unnecessary “fixes” looking for non-existent “problems” to solve.

Minnesota law already defines marriage as being between one woman and one man. The anti-gay marriage amendment seems to be just plain mean-spirited and would serve to enshrine bigotry and discrimination in our state’s constitution. Surely we are a better people than this.

Minnesota has long served as a model of the democratic process with unusually high voter turnouts, year after year. The proposed Voter ID amendment would serve to suppress the vote. Why would we want to do that? Voter fraud in the form of people at the polls pretending to be someone else is not a problem here, or anywhere else in America.

Perhaps the Minnesota legislature got carried away in putting forth these ballot initiatives. Let’s forgive them and move on.

Keep Minnesota nice, and vote no twice!

Sarah Gorham


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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