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Study the candidates

When I saw that supporters of my opponent were running attack ads (or “contrast” pieces, as they’re called) against me in our state house race, I have to admit, my first reaction was “hey, look, I’m on TV!” I don’t suppose anyone runs for public office with the expectation that only nice things will be said about them, and that certainly wasn’t the idea I had when I decided to do this.

My second thought was “aren’t we all a little sick of this?”

Our state is facing another budget deficit, our schools in rural Minnesota are being denied consistent funding, our property taxes are rising unabated, and many of our neighbors are out of work. Yet, in some state house races like this, outside groups will spend three or four times what the candidates’ own committees are limited to spending. Much of this money is coming from donors outside of Minnesota.

Both my opponent and I will be the victim of mail and advertising that attempts to misrepresent our positions on key issues to voters—and because of current campaign finance law, we won’t be able to control what is said on our behalf. Minnesotans and voters in this district know the stakes are high in this election, and I encourage everyone to learn more about the campaigns and the issues at hand before casting their ballots in November.

Joe Radinovich

Candidate, Minnesota House District 10B

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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