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Wake up, America!

Yes, Wake Up, America!

I question why the Dispatch chose to devote more than half a page to Wake Up, America, O. Swindle’s guest opinion in the weekend edition. When do we see a half page favoring Obama?

Swindle states his tolerance for Obama supporters has ceased to exist. My tolerance for bigots who hide behind self-proclaimed Christianity or so-called patriotism has also ceased. Where’s the Christianity or patriotism in his hate-filled diatribe?

He mentions “lies at the Democratic Convention” but fails to mention lies Ryan and Romney told at the Republican Convention: e.g. Ryan’s blaming Obama for Wisconsin GM plant closure (closed in 2008 before Obama took office) and Romney’s saying Obama’s budget steals $716 million from Medicare - absolutely not correct. The Republican campaign continues to use these same falsehoods.

He commends D’Souzam as “an honest man in every respect,” but fails to mention the falsities in the movie 2016 and in D’Souzan’s book Obama’s America, 2016.

Non-partisan fact checkers have published these falsities. Besides, intelligent people know that the book and movie are opinions of an ultra conservative. Opinions, not what will happen if Obama is re-elected, but something one guy predicts might happen. Predictions, especially those based on false premises, are strongly questionable. The end of the world has been predicted many times through the years, and here we still are!

Swindle says Obama wants to take away our freedoms. What political party “seems hell-bent” on limiting voting rights and denying some people the right to pursue happiness by marrying the ones they love?

Swindle asks that we vote with intelligence, not emotion – I agree! I think all who read Swindle’s opinion should check it for emotionalism as compared to intellect – and “do it with an open mind.”

Elsie Husom


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