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Vote yes

Marriage is not the only issue on the ballot in November. Our religous freedoms are at stake.

Jump ahead two years — if traditional marriage is a thing of yesterday, two men,or two women, walk into any church in Minnesota wanting to be married. If the pastor will not marry on grounds it is against the Biblical teaching he will be discriminating, Right? Yes...what will be the ensuing lawsuit and how much will it cost? For sure the “tax free” status will be immediately revoked and the state will step in to oversee the hate crime.

Another scenario: On Mother’s or Fathers day a pastor teaches on “honor your mother and father.” This too would be discriminating as it should read “honor your parents.” Whoever thought we would see a day where saying,”every child deserves a mother and a father” would even be considered discriminating or hate speech. We are there. If we lose the right to religious freedom, we lose freedom and America as we know it. Know where your candidates stand go online, look them up and be informed on who you are voting for.

An oxymoron would to vote yes to marriage, and then to vote in leaders who are against what you stand for.

Please vote yes in November.

Doug Kern

Crow Wing County

Republican Chair

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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