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Mitt vs. Big Bird

Mitt vs. Big Bird

“Mitt” Romney has it in for Big Bird, of Public Television Broadcasting fame.

He wants to take Big Bird away from the nation’s deserving children: both rich and poor, urban and rural, some handicapped, or in other ways disadvantaged.

Big Bird is some children’s ‘friend,’ the one bright spot in an otherwise miserable existence they suffer, sometimes caused by poor parenting, but more often caused by an insane economic system that allows some to have sinful(!) privilege, while sentencing other more deserving people to the bottom of a society run by the “money changers from the temple,” and corporations that are ‘people.’

Mr. “Mitt,” you should read a book you may be vaguely familiar with: it’s called “the Bible.” Written by many authors, it includes many reported quotes by a famous man who some consider “God.”

I’m told cutting PBS funding would reduce the federal budget by something like 0.015 percent. That’s comparable to getting a $1,000/week paycheck, and having 15 cents taken out, not only for Big Bird, but for programming many grownups watch, like the Newshour (formerly Jim Lehrer), NOVA, Nature, Austin City Limits, Charlie Rose, American Experience, etc.

What would you think of simply moving the decimal point one place to the left in our “defense” budget? That would reduce it from $700 billion to $70 billion, or about the same spending as the second highest nation, China! What we could do with a freed-up $630 billion!

Honest-to-god, there’s something mentally wrong with you modern Republicans! One of your heroes, Ronald Reagan, wanted to call catsup in school lunches a vegetable so he could use the money for extra military! I’m surprised he didn’t think of calling salt and pepper his “children’s healthcare program.”

Last year you grabbed almost $300,000/week ($6,700/hour!). Is 15 cents too much to ask?

A. Martin


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