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Vote no and no

Vote no and no

The progress of American history can be marked by the slow but consistent march towards equal and fair treatment of all citizens. Every step of that march has made us a better people.

For gay Americans, as for women, minorities, interracial couples, and disabled Americans, today is the best day ever to be an American. Tomorrow will be even better.

The question is simply the speed with which we remove remaining institutional discrimination. This proposed constitutional amendment looks longingly backwards to the days of shame and judgment for gays. Voting it down would have been impossible even 5 years ago, but the march continues. Minnesota has a proud history of national leadership in matters of civil rights, and today, I believe Minnesota will be the first state to vote down this amendment.

In Minnesota, we have an excellent and fair voting system that promotes high levels of participation. This, along with an educated and involved population, results in Minnesota having the highest voter turnout in the nation. This is something to be proud of!

The voter I.D. amendment will change that.

Why pay $33  million of our state and local tax dollars in the first year alone, to fix what currently works exceptionally well? I could think of better purposes for that money!

Even if you are unsure about the moral questions behind voter I.D. and gay marriage, there is another important reason to vote no, no.

Look, we are talking about our Constitution here. You know, that document that exists, in large part, to ensure our liberties? Limiting our civil rights and access to voting is not what our Constitution is for.

Minnesota rocks! Let’s show the rest of the nation why!

Vote no, no!

Sarah Hayden


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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