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Age brings knowledge!

Age brings knowledge!

Twenty-five years ago we moved to Crow Wing Lake, a couple years later we took up a petition to change the name of our road to Sleepy Hollow Road. All but three families OK’d the change.

Our road was on a six-year waiting period for new paving. I met with County Engineer Duane Blank and three county commissioners, I showed them how badly the road was breaking up, and we were given five miles of new paving with a six-ton truck load limit.

I got involved with Sara Dunlap, Marcia Ferris and others working to stop the governments from putting a 300-feet high (Gwen Tower) Ground Wave Emergency Network in our area. Three-and-a-half years later with a couple congressmen and senators on our side, Washington stopped funding the building of them. So we won!

I was very deeply involved fighting for a stoplight on Highway 371 and County Road 117 or Buffalo Hills Road. This deadly corner had injured and killed many people over the years. I started fighting for it in 1991 and along with others it was up running 12-23-1994. It was the most deadly corner I ever seen! We won.

The U.S. Postmaster wanted to close the Fort Ripley Post Office so we wrote letters to Senator Rod Grams and my favorite Senator Paul Wellstone, a great leader and I’d like to call him my friend. I still have the replies he sent. The post office is still there! Unfortunately the senator, his wife and daughter were killed shortly after in a plane crash not too far from here. We lost a great man and family.

I always head groups against school funding when it affects higher taxation, 2007 taxation would have cost thousands more for companies and everyone. We won (2-1).

Marv Begin

Fort Ripley

Editor’s note: Begin is a write-in candidate for Crow Wing County Commissioner District 1.

Act instead of debate

Most of us find climate change unmistakable today (70 percent, University Texas, July 2012). Now, Republican congressmen who defunded climate research are struggling to get re-elected. It turns out 70 percent of undecided voters also think Congress should do something about climate change (Yale University, October 2012). The conservative hoax to discredit climate science and harass the top scientists into submission has failed.

The Supreme Court found CO2 an air pollutant and health hazard, (April 2009). The Koch brother funded study of 1.6 billion climate readings taken since the 1950s found Earth’s temperature has increased by 1.6 degrees, identical to IPCC climate scientists findings, (U C Berkeley, October 2011).

The National

Science Foundation cleared Climategate scientists of wrongdoing or falsifying any data, ( August 2011). The Federal Appeals Court upheld the Supreme Court finding of CO2 as an air pollutant, ( June 2012).

Romney and company still ignore these findings, 98 percent of climate scientists, and 70 percent of voters. This is a real problem for disingenuous Republicans who claim to care about the future for us regarding debt or national security. Climate change is already dwarfing these problems. Sea levels are accelerating and east coast cities are already going under (Climate Daily, July 2012).

It’s simple math. Burning 565 gig a tons of fossil fuels will heat Earth two degrees risking catastrophe for life on Earth. The problem is fossil fuel companies have 2795 gig a tons and they intend to burn it all (, October 2012).

This debate is over and people are taking climate change to the next level asking what they can do.

There are powerful full-sized cars that get 50 mpg and are affordable. We are building homes in Minnesota that don’t require a furnace. Avoiding red meat cuts green house gasses, cholesterol, and food budgets dramatically.

People are voting the dirty, lying oil party out.

Neal Lesmeister


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