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Gay Marriage

Gay marriage

I‘m writing on behalf of all Christians for traditional marriage. My only

problem is which traditional marriage.

How about a marriage where a wife

being unable to bear a child would be helped out by a servant girl? Or for a

widow to be married to a brother-in-law and any children being the heirs of

the deceased. Or David, “a man after God’s own heart.” He had three wives.

His first (wife) was embarrassed by David’s ecstatic public strip dance. He

acquired one of his wives by murdering her husband. We don’t want that


So being followers of Jesus we follow his principles. The problem

is he says nothing about gay relationships, but has a few things to say

about divorce. And about loving our neighbors and supporting the oppressed.

He suggested laws are made for helping humans, not the other way around. We

don’t like these traditions. We need a theology of evil: what makes anything

right or wrong, not arbitrary rules cast in concrete.

I propose a tradition of marriage being for two people who can and do make sincere vows of

lifelong commitments to love and honor each other above all others and to be

faithful partners despite all life and social demands.

We say we support the marriage that provides for children and stability of

the institution. If marriage were really about procreation and raising

children or the provision of inheritance we would have to eliminate

marriages for people beyond their childbearing years. Perhaps we need a

constitutional amendment banning divorce, rather than going after persons we

think are different and therefore wrong. Perhaps they’re not so different at


As a Christian, as a septuagenarian married for 47 years, who has a number

of gay and lesbian friends, I am compelled to oppose an amendment that would

prevent the fullest expression of love between committed persons.

Donald Belton

Lake Shore

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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