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Protect marriage before it's redefined

Protect marriage before politicians redefine it in November. Minnesotans will vote on whether or not to make the union of one man and one woman the definition of marriage in its constitution. The outcome of this vote will have a tremendous impact on the future of families and society at large. The intent of this amendment is to further preserve and protect our existing definition of marriage by putting it into the state constitution.

If approved by votes, the Marriage Protection Amendment will preserve marriage from future judicial or legislative activism and place in the hands of voters the sole authority to determine the definition of marriage in our state.

There is a clear and present threat to marriage in Minnesota. According to an article written by Minnesota for Marriage, there were five bills presented in the 2009-10 Minnesota legislative session to redefine marriage.

Still other legislation proposed in 2011 sought to eliminate marriage altogether. In addition, gay marriage activists have filed lawsuits in state court to redefine marriage in Minnesota.

The answer to these threats is to pass the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment. This amendment puts our traditional definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman into our state constitution where it is safe from meddling by activist judges and politicians.

If the Amendment is defeated, marriage will be redefined for everyone. Our historic understanding of marriage as the union of one man and one woman would be replaced by a new legal definition of marriage as the union of two adults regardless of gender.

This new, redefined version of marriage as a genderless institution would be the only legally recognized definition of marriage in Minnesota.

Such a radical change in the definition of marriage will produce a host of societal conflicts that government, exercising its broad enforcement powers, will have to resolve.

Citizens, small businesses and religious organizations whose own beliefs, traditions, morals or ethnic upbringing are at odds with an alternative definition of marriage will find themselves subjected to legal consequences if they do not act according to the new legal orthodoxy.

Voting “Yes” for the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment strengthens democracy and allows the people of Minnesota the opportunity to protect marriage before judges or politicians redefine it.

Ultimately, we as a society all suffer when we fail to nourish a true, thriving marriage culture founded on the truth experienced by virtually every civilization in every nation since the dawn of time – marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Patricia Cina

Grand Rapids

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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