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Vote for Romney

Vote for Romney

Well, by now almost everyone that is going to vote knows who they are going to vote for.

For those who want a president that states he will have the most transparent presidency in history and then spends millions of dollars hiding his past activities, his college records, his wife’s records and why they no longer have lawyer licenses. A person in office that would not, until time for re-election, wear an American flag lapel pin for fear that people would think he was taking sides. Taking sides with whom? A president that goes to the Middle East and bows to the Muslim leader and then proclaims that America is no longer a Christian nation. You will note he never went to Rome and bowed to the Pope, I guess that speaks volumes about his religion. One who takes over an automobile manufacturing company, fires the CEO, puts it under government rule, pumps millions of dollars into it and it still is in danger of going under. One who appoints known terrorists to his cabinet. One who will no-longer allow American oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico but will allow foreign nations to drill there. One that over two years coming up with any kind of birth certificate to prove where he was born. One who is concerned with how Mitt Romney earns and spends his money but refuses to tell how he earned his or who paid for his college tuition. Then I guess you deserve what we have and you probably will try to get him in again.

On the other hand if you want someone who doesn’t hide where his money comes from and how he earned it, a person who believes in the Constitution and will put America back on the right track, you only have one other practical choice. Please cast your vote for Romney. A protest vote for anyone else does not help. Romney has to get the most votes or we are stuck with this politically correct mistake we have now.

Clyde DeBolt


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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