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Who's lying

Who’s lying

So here is my problem. I have listened to both of the presidential candidates. They have both accused the other of not telling the truth. To put that in plain language they have both called each other liars, without saying the word liar. But if it quacks like a duck? You know what I mean. Somebody’s pants are on fire. So if they are both lying than I am forced to vote for a liar.

Romney says Obama care will cost $1 trillion. So Mr. president prove him wrong. Don’t just say that’s not true. Show me the proof. The president says Romney’s tax cuts don’t add up. So governor show us the proof. Don’t just say they do add up. Why don’t you just both say what you are going to do and let’s let a third unbiased party — if there is such a thing – prove you right or wrong.

The president says its been hard to get anything done with a do nothing Congress. If you get a do nothing congress — and the odds are pretty good you will governor — how would you handle that? I have never heard you say you will do all of these things you propose, only if Congress lets you. This isn’t a dictatorship. Yet.

I am baffled that when the votes are counted in Congress its always along party lines. Somehow there must have been a good idea somewhere across the aisle. Senators and Representatives, do your party ties preclude you from seeing anything good by the other party? Who do you represent, the party or the voters? Do you think it would work better if no one had any party ties and we had to judge you on your record and not support you because of your party?

Mike Holst


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