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Don't see 2016

Don’t see 2016

A writer recently stated everyone should see the film, “2016 Obama’s America.” Don’t bother. This is a paranoid, conspiracy-theory thriller that the far right will revel in, but it’s not very entertaining when it claims to be the truth.

In this film there’s a brief history of colonialism, and a short bio of Obama, focusing on a father he barely knew. The film gets into some odd stuff, alleging that Obama returned a bust of Winston Churchill to Great Britain as a way to demonstrate his hatred of colonialism. The fact is, the bust was a loan and the U.S. agreed to return it before Obama took office.

The film gets even nuttier. It leads one to believe Obama got elected to his first term just so he could get elected to his second term and then shift the world’s power to second and Third World countries. This is the kind of movie that works for the people that already believe what it says, and those that still don’t believe Obama was born in Hawaii.

Save your money folks. You can get the same information from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for free.

Gary Krueger


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