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Learn from life

Learn from life

For the reader and those who are worried about Obama 2016, think about your own past experiences. I personally have learned from my experiences and from the many mentors and organizations I have been involved in. I haven’t always come away from these experiences agreeing with all I was exposed to. In many cases, the ideas I was exposed to have helped me form quite opposite opinions. Everyone learns as they grow. The smart people, who include Obama and Romney, filter what they learn and apply it or reject it based on many factors.

Just because Obama was exposed to a father and communists who had ideas that are contrary to most Americans’ way of thinking, does not mean Obama shares these views. The people he associated with in college also need not represent Obama’s current views.

I was raised by a closed minded, racist father. This has helped me become an open minded, thoughtful, inclusive person. This has actually been problematic for me as I often find value in both sides of an argument and sometimes have difficulty in decision making because of this. I am a very different, and I like to think, better person than I was in college and in my earlier years. I am ashamed of many of the things I have said and done in the past. This has helped me learn to keep my mouth shut and listen before reacting to things. Even if you don’t care for Obama, he is not stupid. He is as capable as you or I of learning from life. Please do not judge others based solely on their past, or I will have no friends.

Deb Jellinger


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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