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No voter I.D.

I have voted at the same ward in Brainerd since 1954, (58 years). It could be my last if the voter ID constitutional amendment should pass. Why? Because the state will require an official state voter ID card. Not a driver’s license or other means to identify yourself, but a state issued voters card that you will have to apply for. Of course there will be a cost that you will pay for the privilege to cast your vote, and if you should lose or misplace your card good luck on getting a new one. And there will be no absentee voting. So if you go south for the winter, you can’t vote, if you’re a student away from home, if you’re in the military and stationed away from home, if you’re in a care facility or home bound, you’re out of luck, because you’re voting rights will be taken away. This is all geared toward making fewer people eligible to vote. Hardly a good American policy. A no vote on this amendment will assure you that you will not lose your right as an American citizen, regardless of where you live, to cast your vote.

Don Samuelson


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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