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The whole Bible

The whole Bible

We find some of the letters about the “marriage amendment” interesting. It seems a number of folks think only what Jesus has directly said or the words in red, as some Bibles have, are the only words that are important.

We don’t think Jesus picked his disciples because they were the best guys to party with, or they were the greatest ones to be seen with. We have to believe He thought they were the best to carry on his work after he left and what they say in the Bible came straight from what he taught them and he knew what they would write would be the whole truth and nothing but the truth (as they say in court).

Besides homosexuality was not an issue at that time, that issue had been settled hundreds of years before and the Jews knew it was a sin (Leviticus 20 : 13). The disciples did reinforce that as they brought the good news of Jesus to the Gentiles (Romans 1: 26, 27) and to us.

As Christian’s we have to take the Bible in its entirety, not just the parts we agree with. We believe the marriage amendment will hinder those that want to live in sin from doing just that. As a Christian we need to do everything we can to help even those we don’t know, all though they don’t recognize it as such. This amendment also has far reaching implications beyond marriage and could change how the church could even function within the teachings of Jesus. The day will come when you will be judged only by what you alone have done; eternity is an awful long time.

Russ and Ivy Abersoll


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