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Write in Strand 10B

Write-in Strand 10B

I have watched and listened to the Minnesota House 10B debates in the last few weeks and was dismayed to hear Joe Radinovich, a Democrat, agrees with most everything Dale Lueck, a Republican, had to say.

I didn’t vote for Joe in the primary, so he could turn around after he won and say whatever he thinks independent voters want to hear, and take our hardcore Democratic votes for granted.

In the primary Joe Radinovich said he would stand up for the Democratic platform and now that he has gotten the letter D next to his name on the ballot, he has decided to try to pander to the Republican voters by not saying things he thinks will be unpopular: Climate change, anti-marriage amendment , and Increased gun control.

I, for one, do not want to wait see which Joe we will get if he is elected. I will be writing in David Strand on my ballot and I encourage all true Democrats to do the same.

In his articles in the Aitkin Age, which you should all read, he faces off against Tom Emmer. He publicly stands up for all the principles that make me a Democrat. He would be the best candidate for office because of his courage, competence, and unwavering support of democratic principles. He may not win but we can send a strong message to Joe Radinovich that he can’t take our votes for granted.

Stephen Sundquist

Hill City

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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