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Childcare rules

Child care rules

Director of Human Services (DHS) Commissioner Lucinda Jesson has made 34 child care licensing change

recommendations to the current Health and Human Services Legislative

Committee. These stemmed from the 2012 Minnesota Mortality Report Panel

recommendations. These recommendations will greatly hamper our ability to

provide care by dramatically lowering ratios, immediate license suspension

or revocation and/or fines if an infant is found sleeping in an unsafe sleeping

environment (examples; a 12-month-old cannot sleep in any position other

than on their back, a child can’t fall asleep in a stroller or car seat during

an outing), tripling the training hour requirement creating barriers;

difficulty accessing DHS approved trainings, substitute, travel, training

expenses, closure, income loss, parental inconvenience. If an infant is

found in an unsafe sleep environment, a provider will be charged with

neglect which means immediate closure, attorney fees, legal charges, etc.

Under current sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) rules, a child is an infant until

their 13th-month-of-age.

Helper ages would be changed from 13-year-old minimum to 16-year-old minimum. How many parents leave their children with

an unsupervised teen when they go out but they can’t work under the

supervision of a licensed provider?

Revision of the child protection screening guidelines to clarify that a child maltreatment facility

investigation is required when an infant is placed in an unsafe sleep

environment or unsafe sleep position while in the care of a licensed child

care provider.

What it boils down to is, providers will not care for infants or toddlers or

will raise their tuition by dollars, not cents to make up for the reduced


We need many voices on this issue as these are only a few of the


Kathy Stevens

Licensed Family Child Care Provider


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