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True values

True values

Much has been written on this page about the correct Christian approach to

marriage law. I would like to respond to some of the arguments made. As a

Catholic, I do see a need to have heartfelt love and compassion for all

people. I also see an obligation to respect the truth revealed in nature,

which is also confirmed by faith. There is no conflict between love and

truth, for “love rejoices with the truth” (1 Cor 13:6) and we are called

to speak the truth in love (Eph 4:15).

Some Catholics say that we should not impose our beliefs on others. The

Church does not, in fact, ask us to impose our faith on society. However, we

are obliged to promote true values, seen through human reason, which respect

the dignity of the human person and promote the common good. Government

inherently puts values into practice, whether in assisting the poor and

vulnerable or in exercising criminal justice. Our faith gives us certainty

about some of the values we see through human reason, including the unique

value seen in marriage between one man and one woman. This relationship is

unique because of the natural, organic union that occurs between a man and a

woman and because of the children that are the natural fruit of this union.

The law sanctions marriage in a unique way primarily because of its

relationship to children. The only natural process by which children come to

be is the organic bodily union of a man and a woman. Therefore, limiting the

term marriage to opposite sex couples is neither arbitrary nor a form of

unjust discrimination. It reflects the natural truth. While the law can

justly preserve the freedom of individuals to associate, it is true: marriage

is unique for a reason.

Fr. Daniel Weiske


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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