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Banned in Brainerd

Banned in Brainerd

When my Baby Boomer book was published, I received requests from the media of all sorts to appear in the paper, on TV, radio and other media outlets to what I always referred to as pimping my book. I always complied, because, as a former theatre major, I enjoyed the performance aspects of the interviews. I felt confident in saying what I wanted to say as, despite my frankness and frank language, no one told me that they thought what I had to say was inappropriate, irreverent perhaps.

You can imagine my surprise when I was banned from further appearances on the PBS channel in Brainerd — yes the liberal bastion of contemporary thought, yes, in the liberal state Minnesota.

The Brainerd PBS station informed me by email after a half hour interview that they had: “just been informed by the program manager that last night’s show is being pulled from further production and duplication due to some of the language you used last night. The word “s--t” (their quotation marks) was used a couple of times in violation of FCC rules...”

I finally got a copy of the show and watched it last night with friends. Pretty mild “stuff.” Near the end of interview, I am asked by the moderator, “then what happens to the economy?” and I replied, I suspect the real reason was that the station manager wanted to censure my conservative/libertarian views.

Ryan Custer Amacher lives in Lake Shore, MN. He is the author of A Baby Boomers Guide to Their Second Sixties SUNSTONE Press, 2012

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