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Political money

I am a concerned senior citizen. I grew up when the word “politician” was not used in disrespect.

My father was a legislator for 28 years — losing a very close race for governor of our state to Luthor Youngdahl. I was able to witness first hand, the work of outstanding people of different political parties. They could respect each others opinions and positions but still work to pass needed legislation.

Our election process has been greatly altered by the decision of the Supreme Court relative to being able to account as to how money is being raised and where it is to be given or used today. This has opened the door to unimaginable amounts of money being invested in the political process. The Super Pacs, the “Karl Roves,” the “Koch Brothers” and their ability to raise huge amounts and contribute to select and elect candidates of their choosing throughout the country is very alarming. If the wealthy and the privileged class of people can buy enough TV, radio and expensive campaign literature to discredit their opponents and win elections, then we have a serious problem. It encourages the other side to use the same type of process. We can witness this by the constant repetition of attack ads. We see few politicians who campaign on the right issues.

It is becoming nearly impossible for the average person to run for a state or national office. To do so, they must subject themselves to the dictates of the “privileged class” in order to be elected. If they choose not to, then they may be a defeated by a member of their own party in the primary. It is happening.

I cannot envision politicians in past generations being asked to sign pledges to vote as instructed — nor to run on the premise that I will not vote to raise taxes. Common sense dictates that we may have to do just that (raise taxes) to run our government as needed. That is why we elect our representatives.

Charles F. Halsted


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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