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Unity needed

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opinion Brainerd, 56401

Brainerd MN 506 James St. / PO Box 974 56401

Put unity back in community

We have a clear choice this election folks. Do you want a Brainerd or do you want to be annexed by Baxter? You have two incumbents that have done zero to protect or promote Brainerd for quite some time running for re-election. Time to retire them both, period. We also have a puppet of one of the incumbents running for Ward 3. This candidate has zero real work experience and has never held a posiiton that requires management and leadership skills. If you want Brainerd to really go down the tube, then by all means, vote for them.


The recent sellout of the Fourth of July parade speaks volumes. It was an affront to the Brainerd Jaycees that came up with an alternate sponsorship and parade route. It was also a slap in the face to local businesses and the citizens of Brainerd. I only spoke with one downtown businessman. He figured that cost him around $2,000 on the Fourth and some change on July 3. Multiply that by the number of downtown businesses. The city council muffed that one big time.

I am retired, I don’t need the job. I have no local friends nor relatives or “Good Ol’ Boys” that I owe favors to. Will I do it? You bet. Somebody has to come forward and do something for the sinking ship Brainerd. I served my country in the USMC and I can serve my city. Leadership and mission (Brainerd). It’s your choice.

Howard J. Brewer


Brewer is a Brainerd City Council candidate for Ward 3.